A Speaker’s Gift

We have all been in large seminars when the only thought we can muster is when the next break comes. We have all been in small staff meetings when we wonder if anything original, new, or insightful will be spoken.

We all have to attend seminars. We all have required staff meetings.

Sometimes, to inspire; sometimes, to motivate; sometimes, to dream, we need guest speakers for hire.

Public speaking is a gift. Public speaking is an art. Not everyone possesses the gift. Not everyone can lay claim to the art. As passionate as a Nobel laureate is, she or he may be about their craft or science, they may struggle relating that passion to the audience.

A company’s or organization’s owners, managers, and staff mean well. They have the love and the passion for the common, shared work. However, oftentimes, such people struggle to see “the bigger picture,” to quote a cliché.

With research, professional guest speakers can discern the issues facing you and your group.  They can see the large brushstrokes, as well as the particular colors and hues of your part of the painting.

Great public speakers connect to their audience in ways profound, and in ways deeply human. They do so by relating information in a passionate, entertaining way. They do so by peppering their presentations  with humility and humor.

Nothing connects to a group of people like humor. Humor entrusted to the wrong hands can go badly, however. A skilled orator has the ability to use humor in ways always appropriate and contextual.

guest speakers for hire

Companies and organizations are human connections dependent upon vital communication.  Common vision, common purpose, and a common dream must be discernable, relatable, and understood among every part of the team. A gifted public speaker can do this work and do it brilliantly.