The Future of Marketing Could Be The Past

Most of us know them well-the giants who dominate the marketing jungle we all live within: Facebook ads, Google algorithm, Internet pop-up ads, spam emails and robo calls.

We are also familiar with throwback marketing.

Consider billboards dotting the landscape beside highways. Consider company logos emblazoned on NASCAR stock cars. Consider food venders still serving hotdogs and ice cream at ballparks and county fairs. These marketing carts illumined by the sunshine of  spring could  be sell more stuff than the flickering lights of a sophisticated ad interrupting an Internet newsfeed.

marketing carts

What if we are all so over-saturated with the mainstay advertising tools of social media and the Internet that we shut down emotionally to their messages? What if we are all so overexposed that we are numb to the sounds and images so many public relations firms and advertising agencies invest so much in, with their perpetual effort to capture our attention? What if our irritation at the dinnertime call from a telemarketer hurts the product the caller seeks to promote?

In the digital overload and information flood of today’s world, could it be possible that the marketing tools of yesterday prove over time to be most effective? Even simple radio and television ads seem so dated to our jaded twenty-first century sensibilities. If you are like me though, you have jingles from old-school media commercials echoing in your mind right now.

What if tomorrow’s marketing genius looks back to emulate the past?

Could the simplest approach to capture the human imagination be the most brilliant? Messages stay in our imaginations longer when they utilize the great creative force of the human imagination. Grounded in the fertile soil of the human imagination, the ideas embedded in messages take root, and grow.